The Artist


My name is Justin Dial. I am a software architect by day and artist by night. I have a completely overwhelming urge to create. I have a strange mix of strong technical abilities and an artistic bloodline pumping through my veins. 

I specialize in helping people transform powerful symbols and expressions into wearable art, in the form of clothing and jewelry. 

Ive had to overcome some really difficult times in my life. Some were self inflicted and some where (back)handed to me. I was able to overcome those difficult times by remembering what is important to me and to hold on to those things tightly to ride out the storms. 

I want to share that experience with the world. I want to promote positivity and the power to overcome through a mindset. 

Contact me if you would like to discuss a custom Token In Time for you or yours. 

 Thank you for reading!

- Justin Dial

The Wizard Of Austin


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